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e classroom or e - Education as the name suggests offers flexibility of studying via the internet, whenever and wherever you wish. Online tutorial is flexible and convenient studying which will suit your learning habits. It supplements your classroom study. You can set your own weekly study schedule and excel in your class. Video lectures, class room study give you the knowledge and training to improve your examination performance and increase your chances for higher marks and grades. The traditional school cannot be done away with, but the virtual classroom is a significant development in today?s educational scenario. Schools and educational institutes are using the online model to educate and train students. The online or e-education products and offering for students is expanding rapidly.

The e-education projects cater to the increase of knowledge and also provide food for thought for the students. The latest use of technology and easy teaching aids ensure students have an audio visual display, which helps them excel. We put all our emphasis on top class educational content and study material. This helps us ensure that only top quality products are delivered each and every time.

Objective of the e-Classroom:
  • To revolutionize the methods of education and teaching in India and developing countries
  • To enable quality education reach the nook and corner of the country.
  • To be able to harmonise information technology and educational content in such a way that learning becomes fun.
  • Achieve reduction of ordinary classroom establishment expenses.

The e-Classroom Project targets two different groups of customers: individual students, and educational institutes.

For individual students, we aim to provide electronic education course content. This content shall eradicate the need for taking the help of tutorials and guides. The student shall become independent and self reliant. He can address the course as per his volition.

For Educational Institutes: The course content shall be delivered in the most crisp and lucid manner possible. The course material shall be integrated in the local State Board or CBSE or ICSE pattern. The presentation shall offer an audio visual treat for the school kids to learn. For higher end courses, the material content shall not only be top class but also improve the knowledge quotient of the student. The offerings shall be the best in the industry, replete with concepts, question bank and mock tests.
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