MH State Board MM

MH State Board MM

Under First e School, Science,Social Studies and Mathematics subjects are covered.Each subject under First e School has the following features:

Concepts :  Covers all the concepts in the chapter as per the syllabus.Animations and visual effects are used to explain the concepts.

Exercises :  Covers solved examples for all the concepts.All the different model  problems are covered and a step by step explanation is provided.

Question bank : All the questions given at the end of the prescribed text book  are solved and includes previous year examination questions as well.

Glossary :  Provides the definition of all the important keywords for ready reference.

Enhance Your Knowledge (EYK) :  Covers additional and complex questions for high-performing students.

Mock Tests : A self test facility that tests the understanding of the student. Analysis of the results is given to the students so that the he/she knows where to improve.

First e School has presented the study content in such a manner that it not only provides holistic learning but also a right atmosphere for students to learn and grasp

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